We are writing this review after reading hundreds of Cinderella Solution Reviews and testimonials written by its customers in amazon or in diet blogs. We were looking for any negative experiences or side effects with this weight loss system. No doubt, this new diet program, invented in 2019, still have a lot of positive reviews in 2020. We found that there is some customer complaints in some cases.

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What are complaints & Bad Reviews about Cinderella Solution?

In general, this fat loss system has a lot of good feedback, but we found some negative reviewers claiming some side effects:

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  • Few customers give their reviews in amazon after less than 2 weeks of using Cinderella Solution plan.

[info]To see real fat loss happening needs at least 4 to 6 weeks that your body get used to any diet program. Patience is the key.[/info]

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  • Some Cinderella Solution users suffer in the first week from nausea, constipation, fatigue, headache, cramps, bad breath … All these inconveniences mainly related to dehydration.

[info]This may happen only in the first days of using this diet plan. In the short term, switching from a conventional diet to a such custom diet can cause some side effects in the first week of use. This it’s not something that scares. Give some time to your body to get familiar with this weight loss plan[/info]

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  • Pregnant women claim that Cinderella Solution weight loss was not so effective for them.

[info]It’s normal that this diet plan is not suitable for pregnant women. Pregnancy causes multiple hormone changes in the woman’s body. In this case, some hormones resist to the fat burning process improved by Cinderella Solution foods.[/info]

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  • Diabetes types 2 patients complaints claim that this diet was in opposition with insulin and diabetes pills.

[info]Cinderella Solution diet plan is based on a food rebalancing to push the body to burn fat, but insulin can burn and destroy all useful ingredients revealed by this diet recipes.[/info]

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  • Children under 16 may have some health troubles.

[info]Children need more fat than adults, which is why X can deprive them of many sources of energy they need to build their small bodies. Cinderella Solution plan is a weight loss program designed for adults.[/info]

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Cinderella Solution Tips & Advice

Here are some advice on how to use Cinderella Solution Weight loss

[success]Take the time to eat, to sit down (and not to take your meal on a corner of the table), to appreciate the content of your plates. Do you know that your brain needs 20 minutes to start receiving the first signals of satiety. In other words, if you eat in 5 minutes, it will not have the information. You will neither be satisfied nor satisfied![/success]

[success]Cut your food into small pieces, chew slowly. The key word is to optimize the pleasure of tasting (without increasing the quantities consumed); pleasure must remain at the center of your plate, it’s very important![/success]

[success]Put some color on your plate, it’s good for your morale. In addition, you will fill up on antioxidants![/success]

[success]Eat as you please, but not excessively. When you have eaten enough, stop even if there is enough left in the plate, even if the contents of your plate make you a foot call; do not force yourself to complete the latter. It requires a good knowledge of these signals, I grant you! You must be full but just enough![/success]

[success]Bet on satiating foods, with low caloric density therefore consequently reduce foods too fatty and too sweet;[/success]

[success]Do not skip meals, have at least a substantial and practical snack to eat like a fruit or drinking yogurt with a slice of wholemeal bread; this will avoid the risk of snacking;[/success]

[success]Drink water before eating, you will eat less. Indeed, water fulfills the role of caloric natural appetite suppressant;[/success]

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